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Our Work In  the Community

Over the past six years, the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance has engaged in numerous community social infrastructure projects. Below are video highlights of our past and current work.

Stand 4 Peace

The residents of the Midtown neighborhood created and hosted the event (Stand 4 Peace) at Tiefenthaler Park.  Stand 4 Peace became an official day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 25th. 

The Home Court Project

Midtown residents unifying through art and canvasing. This video shows  the preparation of Stand 4 Peace with the painting of the basketball court, canvasing, making peace posts, and having fun.

The Heart of The City

Midtown residents along with 15th District Councilman  speaking with media to rebrand the neighborhood.

UWM students, professors, and the Midtown residents archiving this history of untold stories, historical landmarks, and homes.  (Click The Field School  link to view more.)

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Alert Neighbor Program

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance, Milwaukee Police Department, 15 District Councilman, and 6th District Councilwoman collaborate to relaunch neighborhood safety program.

Harambee Home Project

Bader Philanthropies, Mayor of Milwaukee, 6th District Councilwoman and Midtown Neighborhood Alliance collaborate to support Habitat for Humanity Home Project in the Harambee Neighborhood.

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity Virtual Gala

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance collaborate with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity for Virtual Gala 

Parking Lot Theatre

St. Michaels Church, 414 Life, Near Westside Partners, Habitat for Humanity, Penfield Montessori, The PEAK Initiative, Parking Lot Theatre, 15th District Councilman, and The Midtown Neighborhood Alliance partner to host pop up  drive in  movie theatre  in the Midtown neighborhood during the height of Covid-19.

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